Influenza Research Database

Description: The mission of the Influenza Research Database (IRD) is to provide a resource for the influenza virus research community that will facilitate an understanding of the influenza virus and how it interacts with the host organism, leading to new treatments and preventive actions. This resource will contain avian and non-human mammalian influenza surveillance data, human clinical data associated with virus extracts, phenotypic characteristics of viruses isolated from extracts, and all genomic and proteomic data available in public repositories for influenza viruses. The resource will link host surveillance and clinical data to sequence and phenotypic data for all well characterized influenza virus strains. Data obtained from public data sources for well characterized virus strains will be supplemented with IRD generated data. The IRD will provide a suite of tools for analysis of all types of influenza data and a personal work bench on which each scientist can store lists of important data selected from that available on IRD.

Institution: J. Craig Venter Institute

Contacts: Richard H. Scheuermann, et al.

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